Into The Machine

#4 - OoDeLally Recordings (Jordan Chase)

October 1, 2018

In this episode, we dive into the machine with producer Jordan Chase of OoDeLally Recordings.

We discuss his latest venture as a producer, performing in Japan and his time with Secret & Whisper, the drive to build a music career as a new father, and persevering through the years.

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Intro music: Leith Hynds
Other music in episode: Leith Hynds, The Burden, Yard Sale, Stasis, Living Machines

Episode 4 Timestamps

0:00 - Intro & ITM Online

1:50 - Part I (The Rise)
46:10 - Listener Question (Daniel Alexander)

56:25 - Part II (The Breakdown) 
'The Presence of Past Tense' EP, The Burden
'Focus on the Better Things' EP, Yard Sale
'Misgiver' Single, Stasis
Upcoming Living Machines 

1:26:50 - Part III (The Dive)

1:57:30 - Outro & Support Links