Into The Machine

#10 - Trench (Cole Young)

March 31, 2019

In this episode, we dive into the machine with guitarist and hip hop producer Cole Young.

We discuss Cole's former career with his time in Horizons and Gravemaker, his journey into hip hop production and forming Suicide Kings, forming Trench and using music as a means to cope with personal loss, and pushing through social anxiety to continually pursue creative aspirations.

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Intro music: Leith Hynds
Other music in episode: Trench

Episode 10 Timestamps

0:00 - Intro & ITM Online

1:35 - Part I (The Rise)

51:35 - Part II (The Breakdown) 
The Gift of Guilt EP

1:19:45 - Part III (The Dive)

1:47:02 - Outro & Support Links